Characteristic advantage

Soft quality to upgrade products
All kinds of comprehensive and comprehen-sive to meet your needs.
Fluffy, soft, slippery, elastic and so on.
Improve the quality of raising hands.
We provide full quality of water and enviro-nmental protection.
Grinding agent and fuzzing agent
Vanguard of environmental protection
Urea substitute XD-N, used for active printing digital printing, can completely and partially replace urea to achieve no or very little ammonia nitrogen discharge of sewage
Microfiber dyeing is no longer difficult.
Excellent dispersing levelling agent, ensurin-g all kinds of microfiber.
Fast and uniform dyeing, stable quality and so on.
ADD: Huangqi, Nanhai Foshan, Guangdong province, China
TEL: +85-757-85933191 85933019
Web:www.fsch, www.晨辉.cn
Foshan Chenhui Chemical Development Ltd
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